Camp Viola is a 503(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization we depend heavily on grants and the generosity of others to sustain annual operating expenses. 

Each year Camp Viola is fortunate to receive numerous telephone calls and written request from individuals, civic and community organizations as well as local and regional businesses inquiring about volunteer opportunities at Camp Viola or how they can send financial gifts or donations to the camp to support the overall mission of Camp Viola.


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Camp Viola is holy ground. It just is. You drive through the gates and it just feels different. The air isn’t the same.
— Mary Beth Pelt, Board Member

Donations come in many forms and at times have provided much needed equipment maintenance, building or roof repair, even new equipment has been donated to the camp by individuals or companies wanting to be part of providing this exciting adventure to the children we serve. Of significant value and importance are the volunteers that donate their time and energy every summer to spend a day, several days, or an entire week at camp as a “Volunteer Counselor’, working closely with the sponsoring Churches and camp staff to ensure the camp can annually serve as many children as possible. Recently the camp was privileged to have Soldiers from Fort Benning in Columbus, Georgia to assist our staff in clearing trees and brush for the purpose of building additional biking trails. Hopefully it has become apparent that we appreciate and embrace all types of donations that allow us to continue to fulfill the vision of the Camp’s founder, Miss Viola Burks.