Camp Viola Mountville, GA
Camp Viola

Community Partners

Community Partners

2017 Community Partners


Western Heights Baptist Church

Camp Director: Serenity Graham 

2382 West Point Road LaGrange, GA 30240       



First Baptist Church of LaGrange

Camp Director: Becky Grubbs 706-957-2390

Church Office: (706) 884-5631

207 West Haralson Street LaGrange, GA 30240   



First United Methodist of LaGrange

Camp Director: Rick Free (706) 884-4635

401 Broad Street LaGrange, GA 30240                 



Rosemont Baptist Church

Camp Director: Christy Tidwell 706-333-0407

3794 Hamilton Rd. LaGrange, GA 30240                



First Presbyterian Church of Lagrange

Loyd Presbyterian Church

Dodd Presbyterian Church

Camp Director: Coleman Vice 

120 Broad Street LaGrange, GA 30240                  



Camp Juliena (For Children/Youth who are hearing impaired).

Director: Jimmy Peterson



Pilgrims Rest Baptist Church

Camp Director: Shirley Copeland (706) 846-4320

P.O. Box 3001 Manchester, GA 31816


LaFayette Christian School

Camp Director: Kevin Stringham 706-333-8874

1904 Hamilton Road  LaGrange, GA 30241



Faith Baptist Church

Camp Director: Samantha Stitcher 706-402-4349

552 Hammett Road  LaGrange, GA 30241



Callaway Baptist Church

Camp Director: Will and Chrystal Baily 706-594-7731

310 John Lovelace Road  LaGrange, GA 30241



*Contacts for Camp Viola:                       

Camp Director: Lisa Evans (706) 594-2292


* Camp Schedules subject to change; Additional Camps are scheduled throughout the year. Please contact us for any seasonal schedule changes and camp site availability. Camp Viola is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization.